Delivering custom-made Data Planes and Cloud Platforms for the Enterprise

Nunchi is the organization I publish my professional work on to help companies deliver reliable, cloud-native, high-performance Data Planes and Cloud Platforms.



helix provides an opinionated way to build microservices. After years of working with different organizations and various technical stacks, I've decided to put my knowledge and experiences into helix so I can deliver a consistent and high quality of work.

Source code is available for anyone who wishes to use it!

Open source


HashiBox is a local environment to simulate a highly-available cloud with Consul, Nomad, and Vault. Optional support for Waypoint. OSS and Enterprise versions of each product are supported.

Who am I?

Loïc Saint-Roch

Loïc Saint-Roch

Software / Platform Engineer

After building and maintaining Data Planes and Cloud Platforms at scale for some organizations, I've decided to come with the most elegant solution possible to automate recurring work, while still allowing other engineers and companies to benefit from it.

Nunchi is the organization I publish my professional work on. I hope it makes your development a bit easier!