Helping you deliver Cloud Platforms

Nunchi is an organization helping engineering teams deliver reliable, durable, and scalable Cloud Platforms and Data Planes.

Our solutions

Temporal Land


Temporal Land is an ecosystem of production-ready workflows and activities for Temporal. This lets developers benefit consistent Integrations as a Service for building reliable and scalable Cloud Platforms and Data Planes.

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HashiBox provides a local setup respecting environment parity for simulating a high-available Cloud Platform from end-to-end before going in production.

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Who are we?

As of now, Nunchi is a solo-founded open source organization, also maintained by a growing community and the help of sponsors.

Loïc Saint-Roch

Loïc Saint-Roch

Software / Cloud Platform Engineer - Freelance

When working with companies, I sometimes have the opportunity to deliver something generic enough that it can be leveraged by others. When this happens, I do my best to make it open source. Nunchi is the organization I publish my professional open source work to.