Our Vision

We believe with the right approach, appropriate technologies, and good data, organizations can solve the most important problems and brave the most exciting challenges they face. To ensure this, engineering teams should have have complete control over the data operations of their organisation — from end-to-end.

Nunchi is a unified and consistent product suite dedicated to engineering teams. When leveraging the Nunchi products, engineers across teams can collaborate and streamline the whole data engineering experience. By focusing on the business logic and relying on Nunchi for tackling every counterproductive tasks, engineers ensure the best data quality and reliability for an organization.

Our Tao

Our Tao is the foundation that allows us to deliver data engineering solutions using the right approach alongside appropriate technologies. It guides our vision, roadmap, and product design.

As you evaluate leveraging Nunchi's products, it may be valuable to understand the motivations and intentions for our work.


SaaS and no-code tools are great, but are not enough for complex engineering operations. We encourage our customers to rely on low-code solutions because we believe it is the right level of abstraction to take all the negative engineering away and still be in control of their data.

For engineering teams

Data and software engineers should all be able to work together with no silos. Our products offer the right approach and levels of abstraction allowing those teams to be at their best.


Organizations should be in complete control of their data. This is why we deliver cloud-native solutions, while still offering the possibility to leverage cloud services for operational management. This choice is the right balance for no lock-in and yet fully-managed operations.

Our Team

So far, Nunchi is a bootstrapped and solo-founded company.