Blacksmith Enterprise Edition
This document highlights a feature only available in the Enterprise Edition.

How it works

Blacksmith Enterprise Editions brings support for managing multiple namespaces, which allows everything to be segmented from other namespace of the cluster.

Namespaces are useful for isolation. The main use case is isolation by tenant (multi-tenancy) when you wish to have dedicated resources and policies for each team or customer.

Clients and workers are always related to a namespace. Whereas the server is common for all namespaces of an organization, a worker is dedicated to a single namespace. Therefore, if you want to leverage both the loader and operator workers for 3 namespaces, you must have 6 running workers (or more for high availability).

Knowing this, we can now highlight the components specific to a single namespace, that therefore are completely isolated from one namespace to another: Namespaces in Blacksmith

Notes about retention

Each namespace can have its own retention period. Blacksmith stores everything per the configured retention. The retention is a duration in minutes or hours, respectively suffixed by m or h. We voluntarily don't support longer intervals because it can create a lot of confusion:

  • How long is a day or a month? Is the answer always the same? It depends.
  • 5 retention days, including weekends and / or holidays? It depends.

This is why retention periods are always in minutes or hours. If you wish to create a namespace with a retention of 14 days, multiply 24h by 14:

$ blacksmith namespaces create \
  --name default \
  --retention 336h

The minimum retention period for the default namespace is 24h, and 5m for the others.

Managing namespaces

You can create, get, and update namespaces via the CLI.

Is something missing?

If you notice something we've missed or could be improved on, please follow this link and submit a pull request to the repository. Once we merge it, the changes will be reflected on the website the next time it is deployed.

Thank you for your contributions!