Blacksmith Enterprise Edition
This document highlights a feature only available in the Enterprise Edition.

Handling multi-tenancy

Namespaces are useful for isolation. The main use case is isolation by tenant (multi-tenancy) when you wish to have dedicated resources and policies for each team or customer.

This can be accomplished within a mono or across multiple repositories, depending on your organizational requirements. Either way, you will end up with multiple directories with one dedicated to the server, and with each other containing the required files for a namespace.

The following structure is the recommended one for handling multi-tenancy:

  • ./server
    • .env, .env.BLACKSMITH_ENV
      • services.BLACKSMITH_EXT for server's config.
  • ./any-namespace
    • .env, .env.BLACKSMITH_ENV
      • services.BLACKSMITH_EXT for workers and gateway's config.
      • integrations.BLACKSMITH_EXT for integrations related to the namespace any-namespace.
      • /gateway/*.BLACKSMITH_EXT for the gateway's sources / triggers of the namespace any-namespace.

This way, a server directory is common for all namespaces and can be public or private. Also, each team / customer has its own repository which can be public or private as well.

For better consistency across teams inside an organization, we strongly advise to always use the same BLACKSMITH_DIR and BLACKSMITH_EXT across directories / repositories.

Is something missing?

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