Blacksmith Enterprise Edition
This document highlights a feature only available in the Enterprise Edition.

Leveraging the Enterprise Edition

For leveraging Blacksmith Enterprise Edition you must pass your subscription details to Blacksmith. This is done by setting the environment variables BLACKSMITH_LICENSE_KEY and BLACKSMITH_LICENSE_TOKEN. If you leverage .env files, you should add:


Blacksmith will verify your credentials when requesting a resource only available on the Enterprise Edition. Is does so by making a request to the Nunchi Checkpoint API. If an error occured or the subscription returned is not valid, Blacksmith will stop the desired task.

To avoid any network error, make sure you can make a request against the following URL from your different environments:

$ curl --request GET --url ''

Also, every 4 hours the Blacksmith server will make the same request as detailed before. If the subscription is not valid anymore, Blacksmith will prompt a warning until the subscription is valid again, for up to 72 hours. After that, the running server will be interrupted.

You can update your subscription, billing information, and payment details by running:

$ blacksmith login

It will prompt a link to open a new session within the Nunchi Customer Portal, powered by Stripe for simplified billing:

Nunchi Customer Portal

Is something missing?

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