This guide focuses on server's networking, as it is useful regardless the container or orchestration tool you use.

Under the hood, the Blacksmith server is a Temporal server. It exposes ports as follow:

  • Service frontend: 7200 for gRPC, 7300 for membership
  • Service matching: 7201 for gRPC, 7301 for membership
  • Service history: 7202 for gRPC, 7302 for membership
  • Service worker: 7203 for gRPC, 7303 for membership

Only the frontend port for gRPC 7200 shall be exposed to the public.

network options can be set for the server:

    bind_on: ""
    broadcast_on: ""

Where options are:

  • bind_on: Address used to bind the server on specific IP address (eg. Only IP v4 is supported.
  • broadcast_on: Address that is communicated to remote nodes to connect on. This is generally used when bind_on would be the same across several nodes (ie: and for NAT traversal scenarios. Only IP v4 is supported.
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