Retention and archival

Blacksmith stores workflows' data per the configured retention period of each namespace. When the retention period of a workflow is met and the workflow has succeeded or has been canceled, the data related to the workflow is automatically moved from the persistence database to a long-term storage (bucket).

By using a persistence store (PostgreSQL) for hot data and a bucket for archived workflows, you are able to preserve workflows' data indefinitely while still using the most appropriate storage system. Therefore, there is no need to set a very high retention period such as 8760h (365 days) as your hot data mostly last less than a month.

Blacksmith supports the following archival drivers:

  • local (default) for archiving on disk. It is not suited for production use.
  • aws/s3 for leveraging AWS S3.
  • google/storage for leveraging Google Cloud Storage.
Is something missing?

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