Focus on SQL databases

As detailed in the "Getting started", Blacksmith offers features specifically designed for SQL databases.

In addition to data Loading, SQL integrations are able to handle selects, operations, and migrations.

A select executes a statement that returns rows, typically a SELECT. As the name suggests, queries should be used for SELECTing samples of data.

An operation executes a statement without returning any rows. When running an operation, it is automatically wrapped inside a transaction to ensure it is either entirely commited or rolled back if any error occured. Operations should be used for managing / refreshing views (materialized or not).

An operation should never be used for evolving the database schema such as tables and colums, which could impact software engineers. In this scenario, you should take advantage of migrations. Migrations add a convenient way to evolve your databases' schemas over time.

In the following guides, we focus on the highlighted part of the schema: SQL with Blacksmith

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