Your first select

Now that the data properly flowed from the trigger to the data warehouse, we are able to select some data.

Writing the file

Here we write a very simple select located at ./warehouse/selects/all-users.sql:

SELECT * FROM users;

Running the file

Now we run the select and download the result as both CSV and JSON files:

$ blacksmith run select \
  -i warehouse \
  -f ./warehouse/selects/all-users.sql \
  --csv --json

Compiling & Running selects:

  -> Compiling & Running ./warehouse/selects/all-users.sql...
     Writing JSON at ./warehouse/selects/all-users.json...
     Writing CSV at ./warehouse/selects/all-users.csv...

Versioning results

By default *.compiled.sql, *.csv, and *.json files are versioned by Git. If you wish to ignore those files, you need to add them in the .gitignore. If those files are in a directory named warehouse like in the guides, the following lines shall be added:

Is something missing?

If you notice something we've missed or could be improved on, please follow this link and submit a pull request to the repository. Once we merge it, the changes will be reflected on the website the next time it is deployed.

Thank you for your contributions!